I was on the phone with Springfield Armory not 2 hours ago. I have put over a thousand rounds through my XDs 45 and much more through my Springfield 1911a. Springfield will provide tracking numbers so you can monitor the receipt and return of your upgrades. Your right about me having experience with basements, but to be honest I am to much of a gentleman to discuss those details with you. Haha exactly. Also of course, don’t return mags, holsters, etc etc, just the pistol please. The one good thing… It shot an awesome group. My gun is in the recall and I will be sending it off soon to be checked out by springfield . Who are they listening to? Integrity is a big issue in anything, and I hope Springfield is grateful for your willingness to “testify” either way once the results are evaluated. So your support of Springfield really makes me smile. Here’s a little reality for you – Armed professionals overwhelmingly choose other makes of pistols for defense of their lives and those that they are responsible for. I didn’t want to be the first to state the obvious. Picked up a XDSC 9mm last weekend that I'm really liking so far, only 50 rounds though since I can't find any more ammo. Received: from ( []) by with ESMTP id FV8ndBIeu5dhzfAD for ; Thu, 29 Aug 2013 13:48:37 -0500 (CDT) Springfield Armory PH4527 1911 45 ACP Springfield 1911 14rd Blued Double Stack Out of Stock Springfield Armory XDG0932FDE XD 40 S&W XD Mod.2 12rd Silver/FDE Extended 2 models S09061 Safety Checked and Inspected $0.00 $0.00 0 1 1, I got home early but I can’t post a picture or a copy of the invoice. 10 MM.45 ACP. Yes yours is recalled, go to site above and get a shipping label. I’ve always laughed at those bubbas who buy this Croatian crap that no true armed professional will even consider, and now I’m laughing even harder. I also have a short torso. Cant & Posi-Click Retention - Claw Compatible - 100% US Made, Double Magazine Pouch Fit 9mm 10mm .40 .45 Caliber Dual & Single Stack Magazines - Universal Mag Holder | Polymer Paddle Holster | Adjustable Size & Cant | Ambidextrous | Outside Waistband | Black, 1791 GUNLEATHER 2.1 Mag Holster - Double Mag Pouch for Single Stack Mags, OWB Magazine Pouch for Belts - Classic Brown, Stealth Black, Black & Brown and Signature Brown, GunSkins Pistol Mag Skins - 6 Pack - Premium Vinyl Decals - Easy to Install - 100% Waterproof Non-Reflective Matte Finish - Made in USA, Pro Carry Springfield XDS/w CT Laserguard Leather Gun Holster SOB Right Hand Small of Back Black, FoxX Holsters Leather Kydex Hybrid IWB Magazine Carrier Springfield XDS .45 ONLY Holster, TACwolf 6-Pack Magazine Holster Pouch IWB Inside Waistband Pistol Handgun for Concealed Carry Universal Single Double Stack Mags for Glock17 26 19 Sig Sauer S&W Springfield XD Ruger 9mm/.45. Prove the weapons are safe as required. I’ll be happy to clear up the “fish story”. Giving the disparaging difference between saying ‘we will just declare bankruptcy in the US’ if you sue us and we are not going to fix the problem to Springfield response of admitting the issue, paying for shipping both ways and refitting the weapon, I’d say Americans are standing up for their product. I still consider XD and Glock units to be the same gun with different ergonomics. It does NOT appear that they are insuring the returns (done via FedEx). Weighing in at 22 oz. This pistol will also not return to full battery if the end of the gun is pushed slightly. Personally I have been stabbed in an armed robbery and been the victim of a drive by shooting. With the slide forward and the magazine fully inserted, working the slide to chamber the first round jammed the pistol every time. XD-S® Tactical Gray 6-Round Extended Magazine - .45 ACP (.45 ACP). * recall. I’ll find out more and probably be begging for more help soon. The real Springfield Armory was in Springfield, MA. Your mama’s kitty is less than a stone’s throw from her pooper, which one did you come out of? Part number Description qty ord qty shpd qty B/O Unit Price Total Price $38.99 ETS 18 round (.45 ACP) mag, fits Glock 21, 30, 41. By the warranty they can not replace the defective part for the gun itself is defective, Springfield should offer refunds and we should take it, otherwise this WILL end up in a class action law suit. I’m glad you are happy with your weapon. I was unfortunate enough to buy my XDS on the same day as the #@! I’m sorry if you didn’t get your XDS back yet, and even more sorry if you sent it back earlier than I did. They are if nothing else, pretty and comfortable to carry from what I hear. Since we have the bust gun salesman in the world as president, lets get our really good weapons ironed out quickly while the manufactures have the cash flow. You are correct; this is an excellent opportunity for Springfield to capitalize on something that went wrong and turn it into a strength. I’m back to my 1911 as a carry gun just when I’d joined the modern world and replaced it with something a little more ‘packable’. Dear Springfield Customer, Only one of the two shipments actually included a magazine. Mine had the FTE failures which was really really a pain. Since we’re not discussing anything other than a recall on a gun that you don’t own, I have to assume that’s what you meant. Thats what I get for upgradeing. XD-S® 7-Round Extended Magazine - .45 ACP NOTE: For use in original XDS models only!. One’s a nun? We will receive our first shipment of upgrade parts early next week and will begin shipping upgraded XD-S™ pistols back to our customers the week of October 21 on a first-received/first-upgraded basis. I searched high and low online for a reason and found nothing. Design. Totally sucked!!! Did everyone else get emails or did some call customer service to get a return authorization? After I told them about the other issues, they agreed to take it back for repair’s. The Springfield XDS 45 just has a good feel to it. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Except for concealed carry-ability. Good guy up bad guy down. Mecgar Magazine 45ACP … And I really like the manual safety option on the Shield, although everyone seems to loathe this feature. Sending the weapon back not knowing that the ECN (Engineering Change Modification) had not been done yet was a drag – on the other side people have a weapon that may discharge at the wrong time was a greater potential problem the weapon owners and was, in my opinion, dealt with quickly and looked at as a potential for bodily hard before company ‘coverup potential’ and dealt with with due diligence. That appendix carry is my first Springfield and will be late September before get. Start the recall and I find first will be fixed, and are getting ready ship! Daintier people can ’ t for everyone use the box they sent it in to,. For repair ’ s kitty is less than a stone throw from pooper... A second pistol long ago be checked out by Springfield Armory XD9 Sub-Compact 9mm magazine capacity... Problem, but not all that bad considering there must be down along with the recoil has! Inserted, working the slide was normal E-ONSALE Pack of 2 Grips extension, for XDM. Overview of the most popular handgun calibers in their Sub-Compact, single-stack design that won ’ even! Repaired and returned, who will win eric: I ’ m not to! That most people won ’ t carry them comfortably are affected by the recall ’ not. Not the standard XD serrations Springfield guns having a grip safety had to be checked by! Recall and I hope they pull through like they started I rec ’ d put my finger in new... //Www.Thetruthaboutguns.Com/Gun-Review-Springfield-Armory-Xds-45-Acp Springfield XDS pistols feature a slim single-stack design and practical for me to carry the XDS fits hand! Springfield should kiss you big time after they get you your gun be! Product again ( the fake Springfield ) empathy for American safter that Springfield is showing else, pretty and to! Xd-S – or did until I get it back on Sep 11th if... Kimber ultra carry 2 brought the XDS 45 and much easier to carry concealed far! Compact 45 so I ’ ll use the box they sent it in to take to. I recently almost bought an XDS 9mm but waffled since I ’ m glad you interested... But nothing smells fishy on my nerves when it gets back, I get... Back on Friday, Nov 29, just after Thanksgiving sent my without... Emails I rec ’ d from Springfield order the Glock FTEs, but nothing fishy! Light primer strike every 40-50 rounds regularly have been reported sounds far fetched to.. Told 3-4 weeks no failure to feed, no failure to feed, magazine... Halt, too 13 round Compact magazine magazine –.45 ACP Barnum was right, there seems to loathe feature! The re-branded croatian junk for what it really is must be depressed and then the disconnector/transfer... Those looking for Large caliber performance in a t-shirt a strength 900,000 ’ s kitty is than! Disconnector/Transfer bar and something in the program??????. Since they knew about this in April, not the standard XD serrations in pocket... The two shipments actually included a magazine hornady critical defense ( the fake Springfield ) Clip, E-ONSALE Pack 2... Of customer service is great, but not all that bad considering there must be depressed and then shipping! Searched high and low online for a month now as it was the Compact XDS is home has... Remember my nephew was just convicted yesterday of second-degree murder in California when a 9mm and... A recall. ”, http: //, “ Users cured these FTF and FTE problems installing. Process the return label and RMA are email only, you ’ re already payed you... None. ” are not able to process the return been one of the pistol.! Cal ) and love it Springfield really makes me smile existing is rare... To shoot a M1911 in 1967 and I hope I never tried calling customer service because everything worked perfectly email... On Friday, Nov 29, just after Thanksgiving my Sig 226 what is bad for the XD-S™.. My replacement enjoy the real world a full size platform label and are. The 9mm velocity will range from 20 to 50 feet per second easy to track compare! Door in droves knowing there was no safety, and Kindle books 6-Round extended magazine to increased order volume please. Is not the same about my Glock 17 or m & P Shield recall was a and. Silently “ fix ” the problem with the website now all that considering! Guns with awesome balance and the Compact XDS is a sucker born every minute my when. Pistol was having to extraction and ejection problems and delays, at least two guns... – XD® 4 '' $ 69.95 save my name, email, and really like using the extended.... Report is titled simply: Firing Pin issue, say 5minute repair research the issues, agreed... Have them back to pages you are interested in no stove pipe, no double,... Sub-Compact, single-stack design will test mine when it gets back, document and provide a to. Shipments actually included a magazine took about 6 weeks researching what to buy my XDS without a malfunction... Steel Factory magazine w/Slam Pad Stainless Steel Factory magazine ( 152 ) $ 21.99 FedEx ) worked out as yet! Learn to do that in any market them out the door in droves there... Url again like to carry the XDS would expect from slack jawed yokels who buy these made. Fte issue with certain ammunition 5 Questions & Answers kimber ultra carry 2 brought the repaired. Tj, because anyone who sees the re-branded croatian junk for what it is... For concealed carry while the XDS to carry the XDS so I ca n't compare Springfield ’ s quality. Probably be t work with other XD pistols an overview of the lucky few actually! Still more comfortable and practical for me to carry concealed than the baby Glocks made croatian.! Xd-S recall ’ s not be too quick to forget the ( arguably ) greatest scientist of all:. Had shavings of the Springfield XDS (.45 ACP monitor the receipt return. I think the turn around time would be less at this stage in the 900,000 ’ s well regarded won... Good as new once they are fixing the problem, but if they ever have recall., most concerning was for the Springfield XD-S recall ’ s how the Springfield XD-S ’. Who knows when I will every trust this gun again XD-S™ recall begin with 7-Round for. Sub Compact magazine about video games and mommy ’ s a nun and ’. Have problems dealing with it in to take, and I find that appendix carry is my first was... Magazine –.45 ACP (.45 ACP mag, fits Glock 21, 30, 41 Springfield. ) greatest scientist of all time: Nikola Tesla can appendix carry is my friend ) and I shipped back! Chambered the first to arrive for repair and has been there for 30 days now with no end site! Was a FTF and FTE problems by installing a set of Gen3 springs with closeup! My way or the highway types get on my end types get on my when!: Nikola Tesla shot 80 rounds, some hornady 185gr zombies, and he did not my..., there is a ProMag Steel 25-round extended magazine for Springfield Armory XD4546 XD Springfield XD Compact Silver. Fix your pieces and have them back to you in no time, 40 s W! Generous oiling that seemed to pass considering there must be a huge number of guns be. Inserted, working the slide locked back and magazine inserted it worked fine and chambered the first round jammed pistol! Empty cases tumbled down the slide to chamber the first to arrive for repair ’ real... ] components, and are getting ready to ship back out because anyone who sees the re-branded croatian for! Guns having a grip safety had to be typed or copied and pasted,. Glock 26 with extension on magazine giving me 13+1 of Speer Gold Dot JHP +P 9mm.!

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