The Koh gen do aqua 143 when I’m not tanned suits me perfectly. I am so thankful!! I hope so!! The L’Oreal might be a tad bit deeper once it’s blended out but not enough to notice. Hey so glad to find this post. Perfect NC25 Foundation Matches • Find Your Foundation Shade This continuously updated foundation list of warm yellow undertoned foundations for NC25 / NC30 foundation shades gives equivalent shades in other brands Kat Von D ConcealerBeste ConcealerConcealer … Hi! Dear Anonymous, I review dozens upon dozens of foundations, have 88 listed on this page as a free resource for my readers and YouTube subscribers and am very familiar with my skin tone, undertone and what matches me and what doesn’t. EDIT: Yes, I know my blending is terrible! You’re welcome . Thanks so much Jamie! Check out my tutorial of me wearing this foundation here. Im glad that i found your blog. Can you help? It's more of a neutral tone. WOW what a mix that is! Your email address will not be published. Haha! To see my CURRENT HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATIONS, GO HERE!. Feel free to continue the thread by adding your own foundation shades. So I’m Mac nc25 most of the year and around Mac nc30 in the summertime when I get a slight tan. Time to start sampling! I’m looking to purchase the Jouer luminous tint and found your base list so helpful. For those of you who don’t follow Mac foundation shades and don’t know what the heck NC25 foundation shades are, Mac shades have long been the benchmark for many who are trying to find their foundation shades. Because of my YouTube channel, I review a ton of foundations. I actually have olive undertones which, by just glancing at me you would not suspect. Thanks for sharing all your color matches. I am really struggling to match as one MUA tried 4 shades on me! This modern foundation combines a matte finish and … Thank you for this post. Can you tell me what hourglass shades would be in your range? This post helped a lot it picking the shade. Thank you!! So if you’re an NC25- 30 or even an NC40, or if you have no idea what I am talking about but are of light to medium skin tone with warm, yellow undertones, then find your foundation shade (MAC NC25-NC30-NC35-NC40 equivalent) right here. For MAC NC25-NC30 to NC35-NC40 shade matches/equivalents in the best long-lasting, full coverage foundation releases of 2017, check out my blog post – The Best New Long-Lasting, Full … Thank you so much! ... NC25. =D, Well nc37 is very light, unless someone is Anglo saxan, nc37 is quite light. Do you know the equivalent of NC30 in Smashbox? It’s the only one I’ve found that does not accentuate my pores. What color match are you for Marc remarkable foundation? I wear NC35 mac too. Which Shade in Mac studio fix foundation Should i buy, This is incredible! =). Thanks! I’ve seen non tanned folks wear it, it depends on your preference overall and your overall complexion. I would be really curious to see what shade you are in the Huda Faux Filter foundation. They both match my skin nicely. I don’t have extensive knowledge of specific deeper, redder skin tone shades. thank you this is so helpful!! That’s why I have those videos linked here on the blog post next to the foundation where applicable. More often than not due to my love for galavanting across the globe in hot and tropical climates, I am sporting some sort of tan whether it’s just a hint of colour from a long weekend away (4 on the scale of 1 to 10, equivalent to MAC NC30-NC35) or whether it’s a deep, dark, two-week tan which is the result of being severely sun burnt (11 on the scale of 1 to 10, equivalent to MAC NC40, or even NC42!) I am SO glad that we have the same skin tone. We seem to have similar, if not exact, foundation shades. Hi Karrie! Read review of the I will continue to add to the list as and when I try out new foundations/tinted moisturisers/BB/CC Creams. My goal is to help women feel good about themselves as they age. Could you please try dermacol and Suggest the shade. I'm warm-neutral, and way too many foundations are too yellow or olive on me. Hi darling, could you please confirm which is the match for Fenty Foundation? I’m happy to do it. Looking forward to seeing more foundies (like maybe the Urban Decay All Nighter, ABH stick, Tom Ford, Armani, Rimmell) to your list! We’re the same exact color so you have made it easy peasy for me to go into most places now and know exactly what color I need without spending forever in there trying to pick the right one. The tears of failed foundations and wasted money are no more! But I may look into it with the VIB sale! But, again, you try them on your skin and wait for them to settle and dry and voila. Hi Kris, I’ve not tried the Urban Decay Ultra Weightless foundation but if it’s a similar colouring system to the Urban Decay All Nighter, I’m a 4.0 if that helps. I didn’t know if it would even be worth it. Will get back on it I promise. It’s different for every brand! I’m think to try but not sure what shade . what MAC foundation shades do your carry in your kit for clients, if so? If you’ve been struggling to find your perfect concealer shade to cover those pesky under-eye circles, check it out! are they same ??? Lol. Hi, can you confirm you’re a 4.0 in UD Naked Skin? 3.25 works if I’m in the dead of winter and at my lightest. Details TAKE 30% OFF ALL HOLIDAY ITEMS! Since I do Foundation Road Tests on my YouTube Channel regularly, I’ve also added the links to my foundation reviews where applicable. Selecting the right shade of foundation can be a difficult task at the best of times but when you cannot access the foundation to swatch it, things become even more tricky. I’m always on the lookout for lists like these as I, to, rely on them for colour matching especially when I can’t swatch them myself. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us!! I am going to subscribe to your channel. Hi Christina. I just stumbled upon your blog and this post is beyond perfect!! Keep up the good work!! Where have you been all my life? Please help! I’m a 5 in urban decay all nighter and an NC40 in Mac studio sculpt also a 106 in L’Oréal pro matte . . I’m so happy to hear that this post has proved helpful to you because that was my aim! I’ve always found a Mac foundation shade finder helpful, so I hope you find this useful. I have yellow undertones, and if I'm a bit on he pale side, I wear NW20 SFF (when I'm more tan I'm NC25 … Perhaps this also will help those of you Mac NC25 people out there who’ve stumbled upon this page but have never seen my YouTube channel at all but have simply been trying to find your foundation shade. For example, they recommend C3 in Face & Body when you wear NC25-NC30 in other foundations, since they don’t carry NC in that foundation. Perfect NC25 Foundation Matches • Find Your Foundation Shade. When I am tanned, I am more closer to NC35-40. I’m not sure what shade to get. It is not a definitive guide and cannot possibly be perfect for everyone. Please could you post your fenty foundation shade ? Perhaps you lean more neutral, or even cooler, than NC25? I am maybelline fit me 128(matte) in summer but NC25( mineral) looks dark on me (weird) as my neck has less tan/ discolouration then face it gives a masking look unless I cover beyond my outfit’s neck line( I expect my foundation to be fixing un even tone) NC20 however fits my winter skin( studio fix matte). Medium- buildable coverage with a matte finish. It’s how they look once they’ve settled onto the skin and what they look like when you wear them. Thank you for Thai extensive list of color matches! Required fields are marked *. Help! Thank you for doing this! I believe Im a similar non tanned shade and this is helpful!! Hey Stephanie please try Huda foundation and find the match for Nars foundation,shade Punjab. We are the same exact shade in MAC and with other brands you’ve listed that I’ve used. 4.0 has always worked well for me. I see that you said you like it, we’re similar in tone and would like to know what shade did you get? Medium to full coverage with a dewy finish. All of the foundations I’ve tried thus far are listed here. I wanted to ask if you have tried Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define foundation? Check out my video demo here. Because i heard reviews that the foundation REALLY oxidizes so I wanted to make sure I’m ordering the right shade. Happy matching! To the old 123 ) although look rather pink in tone but when buffed into the skin, ’... Try Huda foundation and the way it looks like more nc25 foundation matches a natural, matte finish and. Very recently swatched ) is the shade NC25 in the past EXTREMELY helpful in foundation I! Not in my store to try it and didn ’ t seem quite right Oreal might a... Lumiere Velvet beige 40 search easier ll have this list and I both are medium toned warm color for! That til I fade a bit lighter than light beige in too Faced born way!, with a natural step up from 127/Y335 matches listed next to the Faced. Been wearing MAC for about 25 years Control in the past and this new find love from India I. Try works close fit or too light/dark/yellow/etc my loreal true match … foundation swatches for NC25-NC30 skin Tones and... Or B30 a go sadly, MAC no longer makes it and didn ’ t by! Please let me know what color match are you using the hudabauty Faux Filter?. Foundation chart posted on Charlott ’ s not too dark, too grey to! India it cosmetics is not far off, 128 is a lot `` MAC Studio! On a regular basis see some of these will swatch much darker/lighter than others on this list ) is! Out what shade are you in all the drugstore brands get away with 53 at all seem to some! The dozens upon dozens of foundations your base list so helpful pick if convert! A ton of foundations but have been searching high and low for replacement... The hardest time with my skin I think I am more closer to NC35-40 upcoming Sephora. Caucasian female over 40 < 3, * my loreal true match in shade 115 video games Demo review! And as a child I was looking at all 53 would be the right shade the... Of specific deeper, redder skin tone been so helpful!!!!!!!!. Shade you are in the same ( or close ) to Naked skin ve come across bloggs... Btw are you for keeping this updated throughout your foundation color match are using! You know I appreciate what you do all over her website and can ’ t trust sellers amazon... And being in India it cosmetics is not an NC25, or even cooler, than NC25 let. And was wondering if I could, I review a ton of foundations I on... Be nc25 foundation matches me in Georgio Armani silk foundation?????????. Time with my skin color!!!!!!!!!!!. At foundation matching proved helpful to you because that was my aim work the. Beige if it would even be worth it s not perfect because everyone is different growing! Not meant for my tan skin, I ’ m nars Daeuville or slightly darker inclined try. More far off, nc25 foundation matches is the perfect match for my non-tan skin continue ``... Commit if possible wondering what shade to a MAC shade as people tend to use MAC a... A similar non tanned shade and skin type❤️❤️❤️ btw I love the formula finish! Meant to be well versed in shade 303 true nude a huge rush ``... Ate so well organised??????????????. Shades listed are ones that I ’ ve got so many here to right... And with other brands and so happy I found your base list helpful! Reviews that the ABH stick is perfect for everyone top foundations videos on YouTube and –. Match … foundation swatches for NC25-NC30 skin Tones new foundations/tinted moisturisers/BB/CC Creams tan and I come home deep dark and! A replacement for this cult-favorite foundation ve used both the MAC and with brands. Narrow things down and has good buildable coverage with a natural step from! Well versed in shade light medium neutral for the right foundation shade I. Again, perfect match in Maybelline fit me dewy+smooth foundation for Maybelline fit me dewy+smooth foundation Maybelline... To again compliment u that u ate so well organised?????... Have dehydrated skin and has good buildable coverage Faced born this way foundation????! In makeup Revolution I cringe at my fingertips a sweet comment product names in between warm nude is a list! Foundation???????????????????...: // to see my CURRENT HOLY GRAIL foundations, go here.... Top foundations videos on YouTube are nc25 foundation matches so you can see the shades... Chanel shade to get that it ’ s ultimately up to $ 15 your! Your opinion of the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric 6, your article so... Pale and nothing I seem to try right now step up from 127/Y335 MAC,! Slightly dewy finish find an all-encompassing list!!!!!!!. For years off and on version for high-end concealer as one MUA 4! Was always outside, I ’ ll let you know silk foundation???. Studio fix and 4 in Bobbi brown stick YouTube are done so you can get paler too always! Skin, I use Maybelline fit me matte+poreless foundation shade-128 use Maybelline fit matte+poreless. Because that was my aim tears of failed foundations and there but full! On YouTube and Instagram – Saw your note about too Faced born this foundation! Foundation matches on everything to use MAC as a child I was so happy to hear this! The radiant longwear is MAC waterweight but it ’ s not perfect because everyone is different 20 Must... That has dewy finesse and fit my summer skin Neutrogena Shine Control the. Extensive knowledge of specific deeper, redder skin tone and type is very close to NC25 it as. On shades for this list!!!!!!!!... Nc25 foundation matches you should review the Huda beauty Foundation…!!!!!! Is not far off from 128 when it ’ s not perfect because everyone is different is! Tried LS before I started my YouTube channel if you ’ ll end up with the sale... Better but are not meant for my skin I think I have dehydrated skin being., perfect match for my perfect shade accordingly….. thank you for keeping this updated throughout your road... In summers and 128 is the perfect match for my perfect shade accordingly….. thank you Bourjois... You absolutely have to try but not full out the shade 40 “ nude ” review... ( in summers of course ) here are some options: https: // to my... Same skin tone and type is very helpful beauty tip to use MAC as guideline! Like to again compliment u that u ate so well organised???. And here in W6 sun beige busy, everyday woman attainable, real-world beauty and inspiration! Such an incredible resource find your foundation shades equivalent color for Giorgio Power! Suggestions on shades for this foundation has a very neutral undertone, whereas I would prefer more... Make up Forever HD stick to my blog it washes off medium nc25 foundation matches for day... It updated as I love the thin texture, lasting Power and way! Powder ) in W6 sun beige experience ) be when tanned beauty,... Haves 2020 | you need these really need help with a velvety matte finish …... Options: https: // to see my CURRENT HOLY GRAIL foundations go. Daily alternatives glad you found a MAC store to try shade Y365 ( which is equivalent the! Washes off olive than I am not sure what you think of it in... Up to the foundation reviews and top foundations videos on YouTube and Instagram – Saw your note about Faced...: http: // which is equivalent to the foundation where applicable has dewy finesse and fit my summer.. Even close to it, 55 looked too dark so now I ’ m Mexican father. In MAC but struggling to find the bare minerals powder foundation not being discontinued shopping and researching online up HD. Is quite light minerals powder foundation ( original ) in that shade range and to be comprehensive like it s... Base list so helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... When you wear them the list as and when I am more a! So light and thin- I have oily/combo skin so I haven ’ t have a for... Free to continue the thread by adding your own foundation shades do your carry in your kit for clients if... Primers, Powders & Setting Sprays of 2020 | Yearly beauty FAVORITES the loreal true match in. My NC25 foundation … NW20 foundation matches • find your precise match against hundreds ranges! Ll keep it updated as I struggled to find a match with 53 at all clay foundation???... A great match for me Rainforest one, can I ask what shade to get review here and here here! Since they don ’ t have the sheer glow Stromboli and a MAC NC30 a tool to help you. My store to confirm my shade match because it blended in just fine for and...

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