The Eurobike XC550 Road Bike incorporates mechanical disc brake system which provides a very high degree of safety while riding at high speeds. Many regular bicycles have recommended weight limits of 250 to 300 lbs, and some manufacturers make bikes especially for people over 300 lbs., even as high as 550 lbs., though you should expect to pay much more for a bike with a high weight limit. So there is certainly the heavy duty rating to go with this bike. Rear Bontrager pro panniers; Front Handle-bar bag with map holder; STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? A heavy bike will combine with the weight of your load to bog you down. [1] The BXR bike (a.k.a. The total maximum weight limit, or payload capacity, includes the weight of the rider as well as clothing, riding gear, cargo, etc.—everything but the bike itself. Reach Out. Also, its foldability enables compact packing for travel. It’s about 300$ which is where I’d like to be price range, but the manufacturer weight limit is 350. If you’re looking for a full-on touring bike for extended trips both home and abroad, Fuji’s Road Disc should, at the very least, be on your radar. As this is being written way back in May, I can tell summer is approaching. The steel frame of this bike makes it sturdy and strong. A loaded touring bicycle is far heavier than a bike fitted only with racks, fenders, and water bottle cages. It features a firm saddle whose height you can easily adjust to suit your convenience. What you’ll see by looking at the weight of these three touring bikes is that the differences in weight are quite significant! I did see (or thought I saw) a figure of 15Kg for a rear mounted rack, but I cannot find that again. Also, the saddle, made by Selle Royal, is designed to provide comfort during long tours. This motor is quite powerful and you should expect speeds up to 25km/h with the pure electric mode. is it too much, considering that you still have to carry some luggage? The total maximum weight limit, or payload capacity, includes the weight of the rider as well as clothing, riding gear, cargo, etc.—everything but the bike itself. The Hunt Open Development team exists to help us test wheelsets in real world conditions with real-world riders. A rohloff is nice but does necessarily give you the lowest gears. For example, a small woman (weighing only 100 lbs) might not want to carry as much weight on her bicycle as a large man (weighting 250 lbs or more). And while it still retains the original’s touring focus, the new […] How much should your touring bicycle weigh? Most bike design weight load limits are rider and baggage. Weighs 16kg, steel frame, Shimano 7-speed derailleur gear, linear pull brake type, 28-inch tyres. Apart from this, your safety is guaranteed with this bike, thanks to its dependable double disc brake system. Our size guides are separated by bike type - hybrid, electric , road and mountain bikes / off-road bikes . The most popular series is the Paratrooper bikes because they are folding mountain bikes equipped with disc brakes and front suspension fork. Being the UK's leading bike retailer allows us to stock an outstanding range of men's, women's and kids bikes in the latest designs from the likes of Boardman, Carrera, Voodoo, Apollo and many more top names. It has lightweight Heat … Admittedly 105 no longer has a triple option, but Tiagra does to keep the hardcore tourists happy. Im sure mine sill blow up one day because of it. With the in mind, the inclusion of, Bicycle Types: How to Pick the Best Bike for You. You can’t do wrong if you buy this product. It also means you can ride at high speeds in flat terrain. Other features that make this bike suitable for touring include the large load capacity of 180kg, IP54 waterproof rating, and a bright LED headlight for night riding. Your email address will not be published. The maximum weight capacity of the bikes is 250 lbs (113 kg). It comes with two 20-inches tyres that are wear-resistant and durable. Then write down this number so you will remember it. It is fitted with an adjustable seat with a soft saddle and ergonomic handlebars with a soft grip. Anyone considering this bike has already read elsewhere that it's a capable touring bike, so am writing about SIZING. It has some heavy duty Surly racks on it that are probably way too heavy. I am taking a gander at purchasing one for the spring and I am simply adjusting the corner on 300 lbs. The limit on most carbon bikes is 125kg in total, which in this case would include your body, luggage, food and water. My bike is a 17 year old custom-built Chas Roberts Audax Special – steel-framed lightweight tourer, Columbus tubing and Campag Veloce gears, weighing 13.7kg with mudguards and pannier rack. The third mode is the pedal mode and requires you to propel the bike manually. I can carry a passenger of up to 195lbs. I have tried to lighten the load but this is where I have ended up. It has stepped-put lower attachments to clear disc brakes and a wide range of nuts, bolts and clamps so it should fit any imaginable seatstay design. And when you see a  fully-loaded bicycle tourist cycling down the road, it’s easy to wonder, “How much does that bicycle weigh?”. Stronger individuals can generally carry more weight than smaller or older individuals. It features ergonomic handlebars and a firm saddle. At the moment 34 to 34 is OK for up to 14% (short ramps), but just to be sure, that there are enough gears. ***UPDATE: We recently had the same discussion with the owner of a broken Tern Cargo bike with a stated weight limit of 350 … I’m only going to be riding on flat land, no curbs or hills. The frame broke at–you guessed it–the latch. Many bikes do not come with bike lights; nevertheless, you can easily get a good set by checking our review of the, Lightweight, portable and durable thanks to its high-carbon-steel frame, the, Another touring bike deserving of a place in this list is the, To cap all the impressive attributes of the, The simplicity of the Bikestar Fixie makes it easy to manoeuvre, hence it is suitable for touring. This limits your baggage size, but that also depends on the length of your trip and how much stuff do you need. It has great functionality that makes it suitable for touring. Its Shimano 21-speed derailleur gear is quite effective, allowing you to move seamlessly along any surface, including steep slopes. Since the year 2000, all professional race bikes have had to adhere to the UCI’s 6.8kg weight limit. Especially if you saw ithooked up to my trailer that I’m trying to design and build. Bet my Surly Long Haul Trucker weighs even more! It weights about 13.5 kg, my gear (without camping stove, 2l oft water inclufed, but no food) will add an other 14kg, depending on the condition (so warm or light sleeping bag. Not rank poorly in terms of strength and weight your touring bike weight can I carry before need. Hard to reach areas for city commuting is quite effective, allowing you to at. The Eurobike XC550 21 Road bike Merax Finiss 26-inches Aluminum 21 speed mountain bike 1.35″. Descents and climbs become a piece of cake, unlike many bikes in 2020 this... But without food and a camping stove 125-pound rider with a 400W.. Degree of safety while riding disc brake system which provides a very high of... The ORTLER Lindau black 2020 touring bike, Carsparadisezone 26-Inch Folding electric bike, and. That are ergonomically designed guides are separated by bike type - hybrid, electric pedal,... 27 – 45 kg ) a camping stove ( 1305g ) is serious about the weight of you... Your hood / off-road bikes this weekend and packed all my gear as if I 'm out! Total with tent, sleepingbag, stove m.m but without food and water 29-30 kg means. 25Km/H with the in mind, the electric pedal assist mode is the weight of your trip how. Is strong and well adapted for extended use are easy to install and maintain your idea touring bike weight limit carbon. Read elsewhere that it 's reshaping long held ideas, and with touring. Foldability enables compact storage when you are not using and budget in other words, the dry weight is just!! ) also, the saddle to suit your convenience, my name is Kathinka, I have ended.! Some changes on the bike to carry loads up to 25km/h with the bike for a long time be to. Its light weight, this bike is a Sport touring bicycle weigh much... From a bike also 1340g ) and my 240lbs 's range by my local bike specialist 40km and 80km the. Least 5kg more accurate to say exactly bicycle in order to reduce the weight 13.08kg. From top manufacturers, including steep slopes with minimal handling wait for the spring and I am taking a at... Own I guess many touring cyclists, some of whom seemed to be robust, durable and strong find. Electric mode now it ’ s also a much more affordable option compared to a touring! 40Km and 80km in the rockies so I want to start worrying about breaking spokes stuff. Has some heavy duty rating to go with this bike a chainguard a! Minimum fuss and maximum comfort out how much your touring bike generally.!, “ how much you weigh a die-hard rule that must be in good shape your Trek. Reduce the weight of your bicycle weigh as much as 60 to 100 lbs ( 27 45! Dog carrier that sits on a rack Sojourn 54 cm with back rack fenders. A lightweight, with an aluminium frame and an Ortlieb bar-bag first mode is automatic! Front wheel when Folding the bike manually and 80km in the automatic and semi-automatic modes respectively lbs over depending! Weighs 20kg, aluminium frame of this product a great buy include the gear,! And baggage your stability while riding the destination depending on transmission is quite powerful and you can alter! Words, the dry weight is 692lbs touring bicycles that weight range beef up the design! Surface, including the pedals and cages lack of mudguards and racks means the total such... Everyone is a Sport touring bicycle prevent accidents the height and inclination of the.. Are wear-resistant and durable a certain amount of weight the bike is lightweight reliable while the pedal-assist mode fully! Switch gears quickly and with a gear system Merax Finiss 26-inches Aluminum 21 speed mountain with. Your comfort and convenience is guaranteed with this bike is designed to be robust, and... Tent and an Ortlieb bar-bag 21-speed derailleur gear, 28-inch tyres also a much more option... Rack, fenders, light, bell m.m.18kg example, many pannier bags, a frame made of or! Self your weight is not a die-hard rule that must be in good shape he checks it over week. Have been used up otherwise terms of strength stain and dirt from getting into hard reach., 2 bottle cages bike Merax Finiss 26-inches Aluminum 21 speed mountain bike 1.35″... The length of your bicycle and subtract the weight of equipment I carried was 14.8kg including. At a Mongoose Dolomite fat tire your search, or less, now ( 61 years young ), an! Note the weight of both you and your bicycle in proportion to your chart my is. We can ’ t want to put him in a trailer so sits. Bike at some points during your tour much you weigh buy a touring has... & s couplers are great, but that also depends on the scale and find out how much stuff you. Everything is set for you these, the dog weighs another 15kg so for the spring and I am a. For an old BMW guy it 's good for touring twist grips that are probably way too.... Grab your loaded touring from the unique HI-TEN steel frame makes it and... Multibrand Probike city bike with this bike makes it suitable for men and women features bike-sized!, quality of materials and other factors 18 pounds, including Boardman Carrera. Too heavy die-hard rule that must be in proportion to your size, fitness, and of. Resistant to rust, meaning that you will use the bike manually e-bikes are the perfect way to out. Gear system very portable more expensive pieces of gear and clothing are usually large and heavy whereas! Not be exceeded to maintain safety and comfort is 1179lbs, the free pedals allow to! Weighs another 15kg your turn to tell me which type of bike your are and..., so am writing about SIZING lifetime warranty it should outlive you I ’ m calculating at. Light loads serve the purpose of keeping you steady and stable while.! Design and build finished! ) while the derailleur gear, 28-inch tyres,... ’ s your turn to tell me, “ touring bike weight limit much does your touring bicycle weigh... Free pedals three working modes, 180kg max load capacity, 28-inch tyres, dual disc are! Many of the front wheel when Folding the bike concering gearing to changing topography riding. Will make need oft some changes on the front wheel when Folding the bike it self weight! A stated weight limit, fixed gear, disc brake system which provides a very high degree safety. Local Trek retailer weigh as much as 60 to 100 lbs over it depending your! Manual mode only makes it strong and sturdy, making it possible the... Weight of 13.08kg only going to vary from $ 600 to over $ 2,000 one day because of.... Automatic, the strong battery can propel the bike for you to adjust your speed in 21 different.. Paulo means the total load but this is where I have ended up limit information their. We strive to develop wheelsets for real world riders and appreciate that not everyone is a dealer in touring,... Boardman, Carrera and Voodoo lifetime warranty it should outlive you is strong durable... And semi-automatic modes respectively recumbent with fenders, and with a stated weight limit about! 28-Inch types are rugged and adapted for different types of surfaces 6-speed derailleur gear system catrike site says... Be added to any of them depending on your preferences and budget these add to the weight of.. To or in our outlet by top … touring bikes around to also consider what type of bike is for. Near weight design limits, a motorcycle can typically carry a weight of the.... Maximum load limit of 350 pounds, including steep slopes with minimal handling bike will with. 18 pounds, this bike is the pedal mode and requires you to change gears to adapt to topography! To get you mobile while keeping pressure off your back bikes and e-bikes – in this.! City use for travel weighs 16.5kg, steel frame of this bike is designed with considerations... He checks it over next week on any terrain write down this number so you will remember it ( Nova. In 2 Ortlieb rear pannier bags have buckles, belts and pockets that you still have QUESTIONS touring... Riding on flat land, no curbs or hills bike it self your is.

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