In the meantime, we recommend that new Spring Admits use our Find Your Counselor tool to identify the admissions counsellor for the institution you want to take transfer courses from. Your advisor can help you understand how the transfer process works in general and has access to the articulation history of all the courses we have accepted in the past by your transfer institution. You`ll also know what kind of credit we`ve given for certain types of frequently transferred classes, and can make some educated assumptions about what you probably (or won`t) get in The Transfer. Your advisor should be a good resource for you when it comes to predicting your transfer balance for completed courses and choosing courses for the summer or fall before you start. Can I transfer study programs abroad? Maybe, but not all overseas programs transferred to USC. Each program of study abroad is different and there are several variables that could influence transfer credits. However, USC is looking for the following basic criteria to determine whether a program is being transferred or not. Programs on u.S. Colleges and Universities Some students study abroad through an American college or university.

The U.S. institution that provides the transcript must be accredited at the regional level, and USC expects the U.S. faculty to teach the courses or maintain direct and detailed supervision of the program. If the program involves direct enrollment in an international institution, the foreign university must be recognized by the country`s Ministry of Education to obtain bachelor`s degrees, and the courses must be part of the normal curriculum and apply to graduation from that university. Direct enrollment programs at international institutions Some students enroll directly in an international university. The foreign university must be recognized by the Ministry of Education of its country to obtain bachelor`s degrees. The courses that the student completes must be part of the regular curriculum of the host institution1 and apply to a diploma2 at that institution. USC expects the faculty of this institution to teach delegated courses or maintain direct and detailed supervision of the program. Transfer credits for this type of program also require an evaluation by our foreign credit reporting service IERF, which cannot be finalized in advance. Once the program is complete, students should create a discounted account at www.ierf.org/usc and provide original and authentic transcripts to the IERF. The IERF will then make credit recommendations directly to USC.

There are additional costs for the detailed report, which is why we strongly advise you to research the program you would like to visit to determine if it is a program that USC has not already forwarded (as described here).