In the four agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz revealed how the process of our education, or “domestication,” could make us forget the wisdom with which we were born. Throughout our lives, we have made many agreements that go against ourselves and cause unnecessary suffering. The four agreements help us break these self-limitation agreements and replace them with agreements that bring us personal freedom, happiness and love. This agreement is about having the courage to ask questions and express what we really want. If we learn to communicate as clearly as possible with others, we will inevitably avoid misunderstandings, injuries and dramas. With this agreement, Ruiz says we can completely change our lives. Let`s not accept anything! As my great pop said: if you assume, you make one of you and me. Fascinated by the four chords, I went to the following book entitled The Fifth Accord, which was well titled, another agreement that may point the way to a higher state of being. The book is easy to read, and the chords or rules are sincerely applicable and effective.

If practiced, chords can profoundly change your perspective and your life. In the Fifth Agreement, Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose Ruiz offer a new perspective on the four agreements and a powerful new agreement to transform our lives into our personal skies. The Fifth Accord takes us to a deeper level of awareness of the power of the self and brings us back to the authenticity with which we were born. In this captivating sequel to the book that has changed the lives of millions of people around the world, we are reminded of the greatest gift we can give ourselves: the freedom to be who we really are. This agreement refers to the realization that our best change is going on for a while now; Our best will be different if we are tired, unlike well rested, etc. However, despite all the circumstances we may encounter, if we aspire to do our best, we can drop self-judgment (which leads to self-abuse) and regret. Each artist distorts the truth, but there is no need to judge what someone is saying or to call that person a liar. We all tell lies one way or another, and it`s not because we want to lie.

It is because of what we believe; It is because of the symbols we have learned and the way we use all these symbols.