Open source software. Some products may contain open source software that is subject to the corresponding open source license. To request a copy of the open source software for your licensed product pursuant to the corresponding open source license, please send an email request to opensource@nortonlifelock.com, including your full name; Your country of residence The name of the product Product number (if available) Product software version and operating system (if any); Reseller, dealer or other supplier from whom you purchased the product And the place and date of purchase. Upon receipt, we can process your request immediately in accordance with the current open source license. If you have a signed contract (“Signed Contract”) that regulates the use of products or services that we or an authorized partner has purchased, the signed agreement will apply. If you do not have a signed agreement, the use of the products and services is carried out in accordance with the published terms and conditions. To confirm this, you can make them available and use them in this geographic region if the published terms and conditions in force or in relation to the signed agreement regarding our products or services limit the supply or use. Enter a keyword (z.B. a product, service or document name) and language to find the applicable terms and conditions. Don`t use the word “Symantec” in your search.

This service level agreement (“SLA”) between iboss, Inc. (“iboss”) and their customers (a “customer” or “you” or “you”) defines the service levels applicable to the service. If you (i) purchased a service through an authorized Iboss distributor or reseller or (ii) a support service contract through an iboss partner, please contact that party for help. iboss responds to requests for assistance according to the following table, which describes the classification of the severity of the problems and the expected response time for each severity. iboss makes reasonable economic efforts to address the problems within the aforementioned timelines. Find the terms and conditions for your use of NortonLifeLock products and services, except as long as you have another agreement directly with NortonLifeLock that controls your use of the products and services. Notwithstanding the opposite, the service credits accumulated during the subscription period do not exceed 50% (50%) Subscription fee that the customer pays to iboss for all affected services. Note to our Japanese customers: 財産権帰属 NortonLifelock Inc.

(旧Symantec Corporation持 を財産権を含切 付随利益 権権利べ対複) 2018-3-29-付-NortonLifelock Ireland Ltd. (旧Symantec Limited) – 示 契権利客対示示, 権利” “NortonlockLife持” (2020-20-効) “availability,” the monthly percentage of the period during a calendar month in which the service concerned is not subject to a failure. Availability is expressed as a percentage and calculated as follows: (total minutes of the calendar month – total minutes of excluded events – total minutes of breakdown this month) / (total minutes this month – total minutes of excluded events) x 100. In order to avoid any doubt, availability does not apply to downtime related to equipment that is granted or sold to the customer.