I`ve been renting a property for six years. The initial agreement – a guaranteed short-term rent – was with a group of tenants who were young professionals and all friends. Among other things, the original agreement provided that the rent would be due each month, with the agreed amount going to the entire house with a maximum of five tenants at any given time. My wife and I are new to renting and we are troubled by what to do at the end of guaranteed short-term leases. Should they be renewed at six intervals per month? If not, will they automatically be converted into term leases? The girl moved in 1979 and was removed from the rent register in 1999. The mother continues to pay the regulated rent on a regular basis. However, no new leases have been entered into. Tenants want to move and are willing to give one month`s notice. We believe that if the six-month break clause were to apply, they should have been terminated at the end of the fifth month and not now. And that they should be responsible for the next six months after the “12-month date” and find tenants to get out of the contract.

A lawyer has to deal with this case. A court probably accepted the letter written at the time of her divorce and stated that she did not have a lease. The condition of a rental agreement is that the property was the only or main care home. The fact that she has made regular family visits does not mean that it is her main home; In fact, she had to have a main house elsewhere, which must be somewhere a matter of registration – land registry if a landlord-resident, a housing allowance if she was a tenant. But I`m afraid my advice will stay the same – talk to a lawyer. Our landlord recently told my wife and I that he would not renew our lease if it expired because he would like to sell the property. He gave us the first refusal to buy, but we were not able to get a mortgage. As a result, we started looking for a new property to rent. Be nice, but firm – in civil law, you do not have to give more than a month`s notice, and even if you have agreed to two months as part of the agreement, I think the owner would have a hard time keeping it himself with the agreement for a period that could be considered an unfair contract term. Take the agent to the Small Claims Court if he tries to withhold your bail and file a complaint with his or her board of directors.

I am a terrible cynic, but having lived in an area where the previous owner had dodgy “photo shoots”, I never believe that situations are as innocent as they seem. Talk to the agents, if they have given the keys, contact ARLA, because I do not think it is in your interest. Talk to your tenants – your rental agreement may prohibit you from taking a store out of the apartment, in which case they have to stop the photos. Tell the agent that you are happy that they are leaving before the end of the lease. I used the short-term lease for a 6-month lease. The actual term I sketched was from your excellent website and wrote as: “6 months start on xxxxx and ends on xxxxxxx and any period of maintenance or extension or prosecution by law or common law” As the tenant wishes to be sued on a monthly basis, the above text allows to continue the agreement without modification , or do I need to develop a new agreement or can a unilateral extension notice be sufficient with the signature and date of both parties? Squatters have no rights, unless they have lived in an empty property for a very long time – not as you have a lease. If you have decided to move and remain your partner, the owner would send a notice to Quit, as he is only licensed there with the owner`s permission.