Unless otherwise made in this chapter, goods or services entered into on the date or date of the order and after the agreed date are still taxed after that date. (2) The service delivery period is the earliest date of the following dates, namely: 12. This view cannot, however, be accepted by the authorities, since it opposes Imkundigen 151 and the Chamber has specified, through a referral instruction F.No 354/311/2015-TRU of 20 January 2016, that the circular will prevail over the education guide. It should be noted here that a circular cannot establish the law. If it does not comply with the law, it is not legal. The circular is based on the fact that the monetary value of the consideration in the form of land is not easily identifiable when signing a development agreement and, therefore, the value of similar dwellings sold in exchange for monetary consideration should be accepted for valuation. However, this is not the case in most development agreements where stamp duty is paid on the finite billing value of the property granted to the owner. As a result, clarification of the training guide is more likely to be put to the test. The intent of the revenues in circular`s preference appears to be to levy as much service taxes as possible on the share of landowners, since, in most cases, the sale price of the dwellings would be much higher than the value of the stamp duty on the land at the time of the transfer of the operating rights. 6.

When applying audits to determine tax points, which are similar in tax laws, it is noted that, in the case of transactions between lenders and developers, the billing system is generally non-existent. Therefore, of the three events listed, the date of the reference entry or the date of service execution are relevant. Section 142, paragraph 11, point b) provides that, notwithstanding the information contained in Section 13, no services tax is due under this Act, as the tax on these services was levied under Chapter V of the 1994 Finance Act, that is, the services tax. 4. For other transactions that are straddled, the CGST must be used as a transitional measure to determine the respective tax commitments under the services tax and the GST. The GST Act has sought to exclude the impact of the tax from each other, so that it is not tempted to impose the same transaction twice, both under the services tax and under the CGST. one. Section 66B- Charge of service tax on and after Finance Act, 2012 15. With regard to the payment of the services tax during the GST period, circular 207/5/2017- Services tax of 28.09.2017, when the payment of the services tax has been clarified for certain transitional issues. As a result, the service fee can be paid when the property is handed over to the owner. Statement .- For the purposes of this rule, when each advance is known by what name, the claimant receives for the provision of taxable services, the tax point is the date of receipt of each advance.