Last month, LL sent a letter to TT requesting that it be evacuated from the premises by August 5 at 4 p.m. The letter announced a seven-month extension in June based on previous discussions. Final versions of the new agreements were submitted to the TT early last month, but TT did not accept them. All negotiations ended at the end of the July 20 deadline. If the lessor or broker uses the standard IEA agreement, this should be correct. Your representative will then ensure that the lease is fair and impartial. Hello, can I get a rent extension with my tenant by a simple email or letter with indication of the new rental period and that the conditions are under the current tenancy agreement? Is it legally binding? “In the event of a non-agreement on the market price, an independent expert who is agreed by the tenant and landlord will be used to decide this” Singapore Expats Leasing, The Landlord – This site contains a step-by-step guide and information on procedures for renovating expatriates to rent or rent real estate such as an apartment or house in Singapore. Please also read our Expat FAQ for more information. One of the reasons many homeowners were outraged at having to pay the brokerage fee for the lease extension is that most brokers are bugged for the duration of the lease. Honestly, agents don`t have to manage landlords` rents.

Many brokers consider the management of rental properties to be laborious work and are not worth their time because they are not paid for it. Indeed, most real estate agencies will classify this as a paid service for which commissions are due. The amount of the deposit is usually indicated in the letter or intent. The usual practice in Singapore is usually one month`s rent for each year`s rent. It is payable only with the signing of the lease. When the rental period ends, the deposit will be refunded interest-free. However, the lessor reserves the right to deduct from the surety all expenses and expenses incurred by the tenant for the violation of one of the agreements mentioned in the tenancy agreement. Once the Memorandum of Understanding has been duly signed. The landlord is preparing the lease.

The potential legal fees for contracting are usually the responsibility of the tenant. However, if the owner`s consent is acceptable, there is generally no legal fees. However, there are also many good agents out there who will continue to help connect to the tenant and all the supply or repair work that needs to be done. Especially if they know that there will be the possibility of repeating business or several leases through transfers.