If the adjectives of color are altered by another adjective or a nov, the adjectives are immutable: a light grey skirt skirts light grey gloves dark purple dark purple gloves, reddish-orange color of blue-green blue-green eyes a car apple-green card flowers red tomato tomatoes which means that the spelling of the adj This is called an agreement. For example, if you describe a male name, the usual color adjectives are the same as in the list above. Apart from that, you are like any other color that works as an adjective. You change a Nostunon and you follow him. It`s easy! Finally, if you have a color that acts as a noun followed by a name (as in some of the “locked in” colors), the color may have a plural shape, but the noun/adjective always remains in its basic form: Keep in mind that if an adjective already has an e at the end, it does not change in its feminine form. If you describe a male plural name with a regular color adjective, add s at the end of the adjective: these types of color adjectives do not require a sex or number relationship. For example, if you write or speak in Spanish, if you have the Nounont -Color-Color/Noun combination, you should remember that the color and adjective/nome parts are “locked.” The word brown is z.B a nostunon. But it is also an adjective. The correct spelling is this: French adjectives borrowed from other languages are generally immutable:ad hoca prioriantitrust anti-trustbaby babybeat beatniktileververtile canver charterche cheap cheap (poor quality)cleanco cleancool coolcurriculum vitae, CV in relation to the design of dance music designerdest destroyed, trashed, wildexpress related to espressofahrenheit Fahrenheitfree-lance freelancefun funfunky funkfurax furiousglamour glamorousgold gold gore gorygratis freegroggy groggy grhalal halal (in accordance with shari`a principles)hi-fi hi-fihigh-tech high-techhot hot (jazz) kascher kascher kascher (according to judaic principles) kitschindoor indoorinuit related to jazzkif-kif even, identical kitsch of kitsch averge mud, typical light, caloriearmmarengo Marengooffset Offsetoffshore offshore out of the key, (Tennis) Outpeople Celebritypop Pop (music) pro formapunk punkrecord recordrelax relaxed, casual, relaxed rotation devolvieren , high quality, poshsexy sexysob snobby, snobbishsolo solosoul soul (music)sport casual, athletic (clothes, shoes)spot (economics) spotstandard standardstand-bystandsterling (pound) sterlingtango hell orangetop gro, besttrash trashy, base, tastelessvaudou voodoovidéo videowaterproofofzen Zen Like other Spanish adjektivives, must change in gender and number to agregree with the nouns that they modify.