15. This agreement cannot be amended without the Agency`s written consent. 2. You do not have the right to surrender your rights and obligations under this Agreement. 7.1 You can terminate this contract and your right to use TORO by notifying us by mail or email via the site. 7.2 We may collect personal data directly from you about your organization or licensees working for your organization. You agree that if you collect personal data from and above someone other than yourself before using this information on TORO: Toro Commercial Products, you will have a full 2-year warranty. This includes the product to be free of material and processing defects for 2 years or 1500 hours. The only exceptions are maintenance parts that are covered until the planned replacement. For more details on warranty policies, see www.toro.com. www.toro.comPhone: 1-800-803-8676 Distributor-Locator: 12 commercial.toro.com/lookup If you do not comply with all clauses or parts of this agreement, you are liable for losses incurred by the NZ Transport Agency as a direct result of the infringement. (4) This agreement is entered into under New Zealand law and is governed by New Zealand law. 5.

Guarantee: 3. The NZ Transportation Agency may terminate this contract or amend these conditions by giving you a one-month deadline from the Agency or without notice in accordance with Clause 11. Contact your local toro commercial distributor to recommend the right equipment to meet your operational and financial needs. If you do not know who the distributor is, please call 1-800-803-8676 or go to the locator distributor under commercial.toro.com/lookup choose or choose the type of product below: 10. The NZ Transport Agency may terminate this contract by providing you with no less than 30 days before the written termination. When the notification expires, this agreement ends. The termination does not release any of the parties with respect to previous offences and the obligations relating to the money payable for the period up to termination. The Toro Sentinel product line is a powerful but easy-to-use system, ideal for large sites such as cities, business parks and school districts, and allows users to fly up to 999 field satellites from a remote location with the highly adaptable “WMS” sentinel software.

For more information about Sentinel Central Control, see toro.com/sentinel. 8. If this contract is terminated in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3, paragraph 7.1, of clause 10 or 11, you must keep the consent form signed for a period of six months from the date of termination. 11. The NZ transport company may terminate this contract immediately if the Agency asks it to terminate the contract. The Agency may make such a request if this contract poses a risk (financial or otherwise) to the NZ Transport Agency, the Secretary for Transport or the Crown, if the Agency believes that personal data is being diverted or is not kept safely, or if the contract does not comply with New Zealand law. 9. The NZ Transportation Agency may cede its rights and obligations under this Agreement by communicating to you 30 days after the written notification of their intention. As we strive to provide a secure system in which you can keep a driver`s register on the Internet, it is important that you know your rights and obligations, as you must also take responsibility for your own anti-virus PC measures and your own security measures to prevent unauthorized use and unauthorized access to TORO services and information stored in TORO. A.

This agreement exists between you and the NZ Transport Agency, a crown unit created under the Land Transport Management Act of 2003. Get the latest news from Toro Sports Fields – Municipal Press Releases HERE.