If we look at the Enterprise Agreement (EA Portal), the app allows us to use multiple identity providers; Select an offer on the Add a Subscription page and subscribe to the payment information and agreement. Below is a detailed breakdown and a summary of a single 365 global office customer compared to several customers. That assumes that there are two or more agreements. How are the steps to create multiple Azure subscriptions (…) before running this Azure subscription? Is it possible to have multiple o365 and Azure AD customers in the same enterprise agreement? The scenario is that a parent company has several junior companies, each with its own UPN and an AD preview. In addition, we have already seen in this blog post that we can change the list of a subscription. Thus, we could have an account holder linked to AAD B and the subscription is linked to AAD A (for example, Y subscription). In addition, we can also make “B2B” invitations in which a space/stub of the account is imported from another directory in an AAD. You can then grant rights to this “Stub” in which the user continues to authenticate in relation to his own AAD. This eliminates the complexity (and risks!) of multiple identities. We help you analyze if there is a way to use the primary UW Azure AD client. If not, we`ll look at whether UW-IT needs to manage your Azure AD customers or if we`ll delegate administration to you.

We can also consider whether it is possible to add your Azure AD customers to the UW Enterprise agreement. Organizations can have multiple subscriptions to Microsoft`s cloud offerings. Figure 1 shows a single organization with multiple Microsoft 365 subscriptions, a Dynamics 365 subscription and several Azure subscriptions. Maybe I misunderstand, but the thing is to create additional subscriptions, you have to do what I described above. You can`t add multiple subscriptions before adding multiple subscriptions A subscription is a contract with Microsoft for the use of one or more Microsoft cloud platforms or services, which are charged on the basis of a per-user fee or cloud-based resource usage. If you use Azure, you know the term subscription. It`s the Azure customer account that connects the various Azure services you use. Here at UW, you should receive one via the Azure subscription service, as it offers contractual protection, a substantial discount and Microsoft billing process for the UW budget for you. The main purpose of a subscription is to provide a common billing paradigm for the use of Azure services. One or more customers, directories and domains can be associated with a subscription.

For SaaS Cloud offerings, the tenant is the regional site where the servers providing cloud services are located. Contoso, for example, has chosen the European region to host its Microsoft 365, EMS and Dynamics 365 customers for the 15,000 employees at its Paris headquarters. The following table describes how you can combine multiple Microsoft Cloud offers based on the fact that you already have a subscription to one type of cloud offering (names are in the first column) and add a subscription to another cloud offering (beyond the columns).