With artificial intelligence and machine learning, the new MOBILE PUBG system automatically identifies players who are trying to gain unfair benefits by violating the game`s end-user licensing agreement. Once triggering behavior has been detected, players are removed from the appropriate queue and must play the game under a security observation period. 4.3 In the event that Tencent Game is provided in the form of software, you must also comply with the provisions of Article 5 of this Agreement regarding software licenses when using the Tencent Game Service. If someone else accepts you or steals your game account and password, or if you use your game account and password without your permission, you will immediately notify Tencents in accordance with the tencents request and inform Tencent of the actions to be taken. If you notify Tencent, you must provide your valid personal identity information that matches your stored information. Once you have received your valid application and have completed the review, Tencent will receive appropriate action based on your application or special circumstances (including, but not only, the suspension of the application and the use of the account or other measures). You should be responsible for any loss of yourself or other users caused by Tencent`s actions at your request. If you do not provide valid identity information or if the personal data you provided does not match your registered identity information, Tencent is entitled to refuse your request and you should be responsible for the losses caused by such a refusal. 4.19 If the operation of Tencent Game is completed at its sole discretion or for other reasons, Tencent supports the cessation of the operation of the game in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country regarding the cessation of online gambling, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users. You fully understand and agree that Tencent is authorized to use your personal data while using Tencent Game services (including game data under your gaming account and other personal information provided by Tencent or collected by Tencent, due to security, improved user experience and other concerns when using Tencent Game Services) to calculate your game credit rating. This Tencent gaming and service licensing agreement (hereafter referred to as the agreement) is concluded by and between you and the Tencent service provider, and this agreement has a legally binding effect. Please read and carefully understand any clauses in this agreement, in particular clauses that exclude or release Tencent`s commitments (hereafter derogation clauses), clauses restricting users` rights (hereafter referred to as restriction clauses), dispute resolution and judicial jurisdiction clauses, and separate agreements for the activation or use of certain services. Derogatory clauses, restriction clauses, contentious clauses and court clauses, including, but not limited, clause 2, clause 3, clause 4, clause 6, clause 9 and other related clauses of this agreement, may be provided in bold, with colour or other appropriate forms to attract your attention.