For the agreement 200/stempelpapier and 2% of the drop tax . 15/5/2015 A well-prepared rental contract is not only the basis of a landlord-tenant report, but also a preventive measure to avoid future disputes. Therefore, certain clauses in your leases should never be omitted. Some of them are – According to Kerala registry rules, documents are required for stamps and registration: Step 20: Check the buffer paper details, and the cell phone number click save. Stamp paper is the traditional way of paying stamp duty and registration fees. The owner must purchase a non-judicial stamp from an authorized seller. Once the stamp document is not received, the details of the transaction are written or entered on them. The value of stamp paper required for a lease deed is, depending on the duration of the lease, the same as bottomry bond or conveyance. E. DUTY OF PAYABLE 30. Taxes payable: Without agreement to the contrary, the costs of making the appropriate stamp available will be borne. (b) in the event of a transfer (including a redistribution of real estate as a pledge) by the beneficiary; In the case of a lease or lease by the proposed taker; (c) in the case of a leasing consideration by the lessor; Learn more about real estate registration and stamp duty in Kerala To get registration for an agreement, you must pay Kerala`s land registry fee.

Subsequently, any buyer can avail themselves of the details of this agreement. In addition to the land registry fee in Kerala, you must also sign the stamp duty. Then, depending on the value of the stamp, you must purchase the stamp paper on your behalf from the Public Treasury. Since customs stamps is really an important part of registration in the land registry, if one thinks of the request of the registration department of Kerala. The value of the brand depends on the price of your property purchased. You can easily get the stamp duty rate at the Chancery or on the website. In Kerala, the general rate of stamp duty is 8% and the registration fee is 2%, for a total of 10%. But this rate will be revised by the government at a certain interval. It is true that the stamp duty rate is set, whether your property is located in a panchayat, a commune or a company.

e-Stamp is a computer-generated alternative for traditional stamp paper. In order to avoid false stamp papers and simplify the registration of real estate, the government introduced electronic stamps.