In addition, tire manufacturers use their own unique compound mix, so you should always buy tires from the same manufacturer. Under-inflated tires are a blowout hazard due to increased friction and heat. Elevated tires are more likely to be damaged by potholes and bumpy roads. If you control your pressure at least once a month, this can prevent both. To explain the tire exchange rules, we developed a short guide to explain the responsibility to replace the tires of a vehicle for leasing and the tyre marks allowed. Please read the full terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the Q-A cookies, how this site is funded and the editorial code. There should also be no damage to the tread or sidewalls of the tires. Similarly, uneven tire wear – due to under-emptiment or excess tires – is not acceptable. Bumps or holes on wheel coverings are also unacceptable, although abrasions of up to 50 mm around individual hub caps or lightweight alloy wheels are acceptable. However, damage to cycling pools is not acceptable. Take a look at the tires for all nicks, cuts or tears.

These can not only evolve over time to larger holes, but also seep inside, which can ruin the tire`s efficiency. Also keep in mind the pressure of the tyres to ensure that it complies with the manufacturer`s recommendation in the vehicle manual. You should check the air pressure in your tires once a week. They bear the main load of road and weather conditions, as well as the total weight of the vehicle each day. Read in your vehicle`s use manual, which tells you how much pressure each tire should display. Ok, so we`ve listed what`s included in your maintenance contract, so let`s look at things that aren`t; By law, each car needs an annual MOT over three years to ensure that it is still fit to drive. It also means that the tires are in good condition. Here are the most important questions you need to be careful about regularly to prevent your tires from failing on a MOT. In addition, all documents, including the V5C registration document (if it exists), the MOT document, the user manual, the service logbook and the security codes of the audio devices must be fully returned in the car, in order to avoid costs. You also need to make the car with a complete set of keys – including the main keys, spare parts and lock nut when they are delivered in the car – and the central lock should work properly.