Speciation of a discount or brand value to adjust the product`s list price as an adjustment when creating the sales position. When creating a contract, you can add a sales position to take into account future sales and avoid negotiating terms for each offer or order. You can record customer information, price conditions and, if applicable, volume commitments between supplier and customer. You can also create customer-specific terms for a given period in the future, while adding a sales contract position to a contract. If the Lines tab is visible, add contractual positions to indicate what you`re selling. Depending on the type of contract, you can enter one or more of the following types of lines: You create and manage a sales position with the same user interface for enterprise contracts used to create a contract. In addition to the information you enter when creating a contract, you must enter the following additional information for a sales line: Commitment amounts: total amount of the agreed amounts for the sales contract. You can provide a price book for price regulation. If more than one price book is applicable, select a price book other than the standard.

You can make the following price adjustments for a contractual position: An agreement can also be a contract to carry out an undeclared workload over a specified period of time. You can create a project if different jobs are defined. Each of these projects is funded by the framework contract. A contract usually passes through a large number of states throughout its life cycle, from first production to negotiation, through active management and, finally, contracting. The status of the contract indicates where a contract is in the course of life, as well as the actions and transactions that are authorized for the contract. If your company enters into very large contracts and divides the work into separate projects, you can finance each project with an agreement. You can attribute part of the work to a project of time and equipment. other work on a fixed-price project and other related bids and proposals for an indirect project.

The agreement represents the total value of the contract; You can generate separate invoices for each contract project. Create contract types using the QuickCodes Command Posts window, with the Typical QuickCode field defined as a contract type. You can assign types of contracts to certain types of agreements if you establish the agreement in the agreement window. See: Set command/shipping-QuickCodes stations. When you create order types, you indicate whether you need an agreement for this type of order when entering an order. You also indicate the default value rate for the type of order that rejects the standard agreement information in the market. When the market is acquired, all markets for this type of market receive information from the agreement awarded to the contract. To change your offline sales contract, save all the changes made and click Manage in the spreadsheet to download the contract lines in a Microsoft Excel file on your computer. You can update the price adjustments of the chord position and download the calculation table. To create a contract similar to an existing contract, select the “Duplicate” action either within an existing contract or on the contract search page. If you duplicate an existing contract, you can choose what should be copied into the new contract. Assign a type of contract to a type of order to limit the agreements from which you can choose if you enter an order using the order type.

If you have negotiated z.B agreements, you can define a type of “negotiate” contract and assign it to several agreements. Then assign the type of contract to a type of order. In this example, users who enter orders with this type of command can only access agreements with the type of negotiation. If you don`t have to restrict access to the contract while taking order, empty the Contract Type field in the Order Types window, and oracle Order Entry/Shipping allows you to use the egg